Invest in Your Business

You can do anything and everything with our Epos system. WeePos will allow you to have full control of your business whilst ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible. From taking orders, printing to tracking the progress we have you covered. What’s more our Epos system is linked to your website and mobile app meaning all your orders come straight to you.

Easy Life

We make your life easier by giving you an Epos till and Software for you to take orders on. It’s faster, and more efficient.  Our user friendly system is easy to use and it works for all levels of the food business from takeaways, table service, collection and deliveries.

Time is Money

We load our system with your local post-codes meaning all you have to do is save a customer’s details onto your Epos system once and you will have them on your Epos Software after that. We also provide you with a tracking system to monitor the routes of your drivers making WeeTech one of the best Epos providers in the UK.

No Hassle

Who has time to calculate the cash up with drivers every night? With our system you can add all your orders (even orders from third party websites) and our Epos Software will work out how much each delivery driver owes you.

Target your Market

Our system comes with a fully integrated SMS software meaning you can send text messages to promote your offers and daily meals in less than 5 seconds. You can also use this system to notify the customers on their order status.

Make your Business Better

By being able to see all your customers’ previous orders on the Epos system, as well as their details you can analysis which areas are doing well and which areas need targeted marketing campaigns. Our software is designed in a to ensure your business succeeds.

Be Professional

Our Software engineers have designed a system which connects your Epos system to your App and Website meaning all orders come through straight on to the machine. It’s easier to handle and it means you have full control of your business and takings.  Our team is always on hand to provide you with Epos support so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


By having our Epos system you will improve your business efficiency greatly. Firstly you will reduce the cost of human errors, saving you money. You can secure you cash in-take and have control over what your business is earning. Our system also allows you to easily manage, assign and track orders. This is why having WeeTech’s Epos system is a return on your investment because it will improve the management of your business greatly.

Easy to Install EPOS

Weetech’s next generation of EPOS systems, designed with the needs of UK business owners in mind! Simplicity, versatility and ease make the difference for takeaways, restaurants and businesses from every level! Find the best solutions here

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