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Smart Epos System integrated with Online Ordering Website and App for your Takeaway and Restaurant.

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EPOS for Takeaways

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Drive More Value With Creative Apps

Increase speed of service & drive sales with the most complete mobile ordering solutions.
Our user-friendly, easy-to-use web interface makes it easy to provide your customers with your menu, offers & fast-ordering facility!

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Responsive Website Design

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No More Commissions
Stand out from your competitors & say no to third-party platforms. Let your customers order online directly from you! 
Let us drive your sale forward! 

Shop Analysis Report

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We will analysis all the details of your shop and provide you with an interactive report every two weeks! From most selling items to areas you are doing well in and vice versa! We have you covered. We help you manage your business!

WEEPAY –The Payment Revolution

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  • NO Terminal Cost
  • Full Integration
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Online Payment Solutions

Scan the QR Code and Order & Pay at the Table

Scanning a QR code at the table enables you to have access to the extensive version of the restaurant menu in your smartphone. You may view the menu at ease without any rush, order your appetizers, main courses, desserts and drinks without ever leaving your table! Once ready, your order will be delivered to your table, rendering buzzers and other calling systems gratuitous. Another major leap in furthering the course of contactless dining is the process of online payment at the table. This could be easily managed via online payment portals such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
The harsh experience of grappling with COVID-19 revealed the vulnerabilities of the food industry in the face of a global pandemic. Contactless dining proved to be a viable and effective way to counter the fear caused by the Coronavirus and will linger long after the lifting of restrictions. WeeTech has been a pioneer in the field of contactless dining and has championed its full implementation from the start of the pandemic. It is time to get prepared for Post-COVID era and we will be by your side as you reshape your business to meet the requirements of contactless dining.

Stop Sharing Your Profit By Cutting the Middle Man!

Third party food apps are an undeniable reality in the international food market today. Their function is based upon a simple psychological manipulation known as habit building. Simply put, the term refers to a set of policies implemented to inculcate certain practices in public unconscious and then normalize them through incessant repetitions. Once people try these apps’ so called ‘seamless’ ordering services, it grows into a habit and once a habit is set, it will be really hard to break it. You might wonder what is wrong with a well-developed high-tech app that pours customers into restaurants. The problem lies in high commission rates that these apps demand per order. That wasn’t a real problem when third party apps accounted for a small part of restaurant revenues. But that changed when the pandemic wreaked havoc on dine-in restaurants and they were suddenly at the mercy of these food delivery apps to promote their takeaway services.

What You Get by Choosing WeeTech

24/7 support, free of charge

As a part of its quality guarantee, WeeTech offers a matchless 24/7 customer service. Our services are always available even during the weekend and after-hours. This all-encompassing service includes support by telephone, email, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Free updates

Once we design and publish your customized app, you will have access to unlimited updates without paying an extra penny! Actually we will take care of everything and let you know at the end when your apps are updated! So just lean back and relax while we optimize your business!

On-site training

After we install your EPOS system, you will need to know how to work with it. While most other service providers do this on the phone, our engineers at WeeTech provide you with an on-site training course which relieves you once and for all from any errors resulted from an incomplete understanding of instructions.

Cabling and site preparation

When we say we take care of EVERYTHING, we mean business! The prospect of cabling installation and site preparation gives many people severe headaches! But no need to worry, since our team of experts do the entire installation process including cabling and site preparation.

Free unlimited qualified engineer visits

Our colleagues in the engineering department are fully certified technicians with specialized knowledge of our systems. Four engineering teams are constantly on the road ready to offer their trouble-shooting and installation services to customers. Remember! These visits are free and unlimited!

Free WeePortal​

You might wonder how you are supposed to access all the data related to your business. The answer is simple: WeePortal, our free online app for iOS and Android. Using WeePortal you will be able to monitor every detail related to your business at the push of a button!

Dedicated Marketing Management

WeeTech is reputed for having an excellent marketing department. Our colleagues at marketing provide a wide array of top-notch marketing strategies applied in the most popular online services including Google and Facebook. Furthermore, they send promotional emails and SMS to your prospective customers on a daily basis and above all, they monitor all marketing activities and change action plans accordingly.

Full Replacement Instead of Repairing

Are you sick and tired of endless breakdowns and repairs? Then opt for WeeTech and say goodbye to all system failures! Instead of tiring you with repairs, we replace your EPOS system and redo the instalment from the scratch and all this is done free of charge!

Free Online Booking

Another advantage of joining WeeTech is that online booking through our websites is completely free. It means that we design the reservation section at your customized websites in such a way that your customers could easily make reservations without the trouble of going through the complicated registration process.

Instant Performance and Social Media Report

This is the latest feature in our WeePortal! Now you can retrieve your data and get an instant performance and social media report anytime you want!