About Us

Our Goal at WeeTech is to cut out the middle-man. We provide all our clients with their own ordering websites and mobile applications which allows your customer to order from YOU directly. This is connected to the POS system we provide you which makes your business function as smoothly as possible.

We are a One Stop Shop

WeeTech systems are developed in a way to make your life easier. Our POS system is fully integrated with your Website and App meaning you will receive all your orders immediately.

Fair Prices

We are COMISSION FREE and it’s as simple as that. For more information on our pricing please contact us for a quote.

Invest in Your Business

Using the right tools makes Business easy. At a time when competition is rife the right investment into your business is paramount. With WeeTech you will always be one step ahead of your competition.

Our story

What sets us aside is that we charge 0% Commission and all our services comes at a fixed price. We want to help develop your business and get you to the next level that’s why we take on your Marketing and we promote your business by directing your customers straight to you. There are no Third-Parties involved in what we do. With WeeTech you will be able to develop your business, grow your customer base and make more 

money- and you don’t need to do anything to achieve that. Choosing WeeTech means we will be with you at every single step. We have a 24/7 on demand Customer Service team who will be there to support and guide you with any issues you have. We will conduct marketing campaigns on your behalf to increase the Orders you get. It is time to invest in your own business.