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Epos System

WeeTech’s Epos solution for your Business

The WeeTech fully integrated ePos systems is your all-in-one solution to your hospitality and retail needs. With our ePos system you will have full control of every element of your business. From in-shop orders, collection and delivery our software is designed in a way to meet all your demands. Our fully integrated software means all your online orders come to the one place! The WeeTech ePos system will save you time and money and reduce the cost of human errors! Get back in control of your business!
epos system

Create customer Loyalty and turn your customers into repeat customers with WeeTech. Our Epos system will allow you to create a customer database which means you can create a Loyalty Program and reward your customers each time they return to your business

Not being able change small details can be annoying! If you need to update a menu price, put in a special promotion or add a new employee you can easily do that in the back-end! Our software has you covered.

It is important for Restaurants and Takeaways to have an online ordering website and App, but it is even more important that this is integrated into your ePos system meaning your orders come direct to your system! And they are printed automatically!

Your customer’s details will appear on screen when they call to order, this means that you can conduct calls faster, less human errors will be made and you do not need to worry about noting their details down every time they call!

Having a card terminal which easily links into your ePos software is a must for every Takeaway and Restaurant. Or software has been designed in a way which automatically sends the values to the card terminal. This eliminates any entry errors which can save you a lot of money.

Whether you run a bar, Restaurant or Takeaway and you only want specific items to be printed on those printers? The WeeTech ePos system will be able to do that for you.

We want your business to grow! To do this you need to know where you are going right and where you are going wrong! Our monthly or weekly (it’s up to you) will show you detail by detail the functioning of your business. This is from postcode analysis, to your most and least popular products and much more!

If you ever need help our customer service is on 24 hours a day 7 days of the week! We can resolve most problems remotely and we will help you in every step of the way.

epos system

EPOS for Businesses from ALL Levels!

Our Epos system is equipped with software which allows you to integrate all aspects of your order taking, transactions and marketing into one system. With WeeTech Epos Systems your customers will experience shorter queues, faster payments and less errors on orders!

Enjoy Seamless Experience

Having our Epos system in your business you will improve its efficiency greatly. Firstly you will reduce the cost of human errors, saving you money. You can secure you cash in-take and have control over what your business is earning. Our system also allows you to easily manage, assign and track orders. This is why having WeeTech’s Epos system is a return on your investment
epos system

Easy Life

We make your life simple by integrating everything you need to run a business into one machine.


Our user friendly system is easy to use and it works for all levels of the food business from takeaways, table service, collection and deliveries.


With WeeTech Epos Systems you can take orders either online or offline, track drivers and manage your customers details and much more!