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9 Tips to Upgrade Your Restaurant Business

Below we will discuss 9 essential tips to upgrade your restaurant business:

  1. Update Your Menu
  2. Implement Psychological Pricing
  3. Upgrade Your Paying and Feedback Options
  4. Update Your Restaurant Décor
  5. Update Your Marketing Policy
  6. Update the Shop Front
  7. Improve Your Food Hygiene and Restaurant Sanitation
  8. Give Back To Community
  9. Remind Your Customers Who You Are




Depending on how you conceive, design or upgrade it, your menu can be either your greatest asset or your biggest failure. It is a tragic mistake to belittle the importance of your menu since it is one of the areas upon which the credibility of your whole establishment is judged. Instead of sticking with ready-made structures, upgrade and customize your menu with adding your logo and a couple of innovative items. For instance one of our clients has recently added two items to his pizza and burger section which are combinations of the two! Not surprisingly he has named those Burgizza and Pizzager!


£ 9.99  or £10.00 ?


Psychological pricing is a key domain of research in marketing. Simply put, it refers to a set of strategies employed to affect the psychology of one’s customer in a way that he/she purchases a specific item. There are multiple and sometimes contradictory variations. Based on your customer feedback you might want to opt for one or several of the following:

a.      Reduce the Left Digit by One


Also known as ‘charm pricing’, this method involves reducing the left digit by one.

According to the latest interdisciplinary researches, our brain starts processing numbers from the left. Therefore a price like 2.99 seems more appealing than 3.00 only because the brain initially perceives and is affected by the left digit, and the person is more likely to purchase the item priced as such.


b.      Give Bonus Options


Most takeaways and restaurants already employ this method. In its most basic level, this involves persuading the customer to buy two items for the price of one. But considering that this method has been in the market for ages, people have turned suspicious towards them. That is why you should be creative when offering a bonus option. For instance, instead of offering one large meal as a bonus, try two side dishes. It will be more appealing to your customers and it should cost you even less.


c.       Offer Discounts


Discounts play a key role in boosting your annual revenue. That is a fact! But knowing when and how to apply them is equally significant. Time your discounts and special offers in accordance with the spending routine of the public. The end of the month when wages are down the slope is the perfect time for introducing discounts!

Payment Methods and Feedback Options


Mobile payment is the latest trend in digital shopping which has facilitated to a great extent the entire process of payment. Not only it is easy to use and much safer than cash payments and credit cards, but it has also introduced a whole different class of availability and ease of access. Keep up with the latest tech developments and upgrade your payment methods to include mobile payment.


a.      Apple Pay and Google Pay


Apple Pay and Google Pay are the most popular mobile systems on the market. These two apps have been winning ground in the payment industry at a mind-blowing rate. Ease of access and flawless security, their prime advantages, have guaranteed their dominance in the future of online payment. In view of this, by the simple adoption of these apps, you will be ahead of your competitors by a great margin!


b.      Installing a Kiosk


Getting first-hand feedback from your customers is a major asset in garnering popularity. Installing a kiosk in your takeaway or restaurant will provide you with direct proxy-less feedback that will appear on your screen at the push of a button.



Redecorating your interior often seems like a daunting task. People consider the huge cost of the material and design and become discouraged. But you don’t need to apply any fundamental changes in order to breathe a new soul to your restaurant. A few smart moves can make a huge difference. Here are a couple of tips:


a.      Have a theme


A theme is like a signature. Everyone will notice you and you will earn yourself a unique position in the food market. The theme should be ubiquitous; it will appear on your menu, on your staffs’ uniform and even on your receipts. If you are smart and target your audience properly, you will find yourself regulars who love the look of your theme even more than the food!


b.      Use paintings and other artwork, and decorative lights


You can never go wrong with subtle use of artwork. People feel more relaxed and elevated in the presence of artwork especially in a place they don’t expect to find one! Painting with bright lively colours or a small sculpture can do the trick. You can also upgrade your interior by installing a few decorative lights to give the artwork and your place a unique ambience.


c.       Add plants


A few plants can enliven even the grimmest of places! Some can even filter the air you breathe and thus make your place healthier for your customers and staff. Peace lilies, pygmy date palms and rubber figs are some of these beautiful low-maintenance indoor plants.





Marketing is the very fundament of any thriving business. Regardless of how impressive your service is, you won’t survive without an elaborate and well-executed marketing strategy. In the following paragraphs, we briefly explicate some of the key elements in modern marketing that will help you upgrade your services and bounce back on the path to success in your business.


a.      Be Active/Attractive on the Social Media


It is common knowledge that every age requires its own specific set of marketing schemes. The social media governs the modern world. It is a world where every like and view counts and posts and stories could open revenue portals for months to come. To stay competitive in such a plural atmosphere, not only you should be constantly visible to clients, but you should also provide a continuous flow of related content. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram each have peculiar features with immense marketing potential. Knowing and using these features in favour of your business should be your top-most priority.

b.      Upgrade Your Website


Your website is your virtual backyard. It is a customized space that contains the sum of all your products, offers, special deals and other related content. The good thing about a website is that you have much more freedom to fashion it according to your preferences. Of course, you should be aware of the importance of the design and the texts you upload on it.


c.       Send regular promotional emails and SMS


The social media has eclipsed the prominence of emails and SMS as a marketing medium, but these are still essential tools. In exchange for a little sum, marketing companies can upgrade your marketing strategies and relieve you of the trouble.

d.      Taxi and Bus Ads


This is the most traditional marketing option in our list that still works today. Means of transportation carry thousands of people every day and as a result, have the most immediate impact on people. It is a bit pricy but can make a huge difference in the number of your clients.

Shop Front


Your restaurant front is the first image that your prospective customers encounter and that is enough to explain its significance. If not impressed, people will pass your takeaway without casting another glimpse. There are many factors involved when it comes to a killer shop front. Here we discuss the three most important ones, namely façade, lighting and display signs.

a.      Façade


Before you earn yourself regular customers, you first need to bring them in! That is precisely what a dazzling façade does! It should reflect your main theme and concept along with attractive features that could arrest the attention of the public. Your façade should reveal some of the tasty items at your menu. The rest falls on the shoulders of your chef and staff to amaze them with quality service.


b.      Lighting


Another essential element in a superb shop front design is lighting. You should be careful that the lighting you use for your restaurant front won’t be too flashy since this could make your plan backfire and repel the viewers. A soothing and inviting choice of colour that highlights your façade is the best option.

Food Hygiene and Sanitation


When it comes to food safety and sanitization of space, you cannot afford any mistakes. Your staff must wash their hands before handling food. Your staff should clean all surfaces with disinfectant sprays and sanitize all tools that have direct contact with the food. All fruit and vegetables must be thoroughly washed and food safety temperatures must be accurately observed. And one last thing, don’t forget to notify your customers about any allergy-inducing ingredients in your menu.


The Community


The people in your district play a vital role in the success of your business. As soon as they accept you and your business as one of their own, you will find yourself hundreds of regulars who care more about the camaraderie of the restaurant atmosphere than the quality of service. You can achieve this by using the products of local suppliers, hosting a local charity dinner or sponsoring a local football club. Besides all the marvellous perks of modern marketing, having a good old-fashioned traditional local marketing policy could be a major asset in your arsenal of marketing ideas.

Your Name /brand


And finally, we come to the critical subject of safeguarding what you have achieved by all the above-mentioned strategies. All the troubles you have gone through to make yourself known to the public will be in vain unless you keep reminding them about your name and products. Promotional emails, SMS and even congratulating them on certain occasions such as the Easter, Christmas and birthdays are some of the ways to engrave your brand on the public sphere.